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Tooth Whitening

We are able to offer a number of exciting methods of whitening your teeth.

[Before Whitening]


[Before Whitening]
[After Whitening]


[After Whitening]

Our standard tooth whitening treatment is with our exclusive home-whitening kit. You can get sensational results within 2-3 weeks using the kit for just two 30-minute daily applications. We will provide you custom made trays to fit your teeth accurately that allow superior and more predictable results than over-the-counter whitening kits. The cost of the Home-Whitening Kit is just £250.

It is important that you have a routine dental examination before you have whitening treatment in case there are any other dental problems that require urgent attention and which can affect the whitening treatment. Also not everyone is suited to having whitening treatment. Your dentist will advise you whether this treatment is suitable or not.

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