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Our Ten-Point Dental Check-Up

We believe in offering a comprehensive assessment of your mouth when you come to see us. We will

  1. Ask you about any concerns you have about your teeth or the appearance of your teeth.
  2. Check with you about your general health in order to advise if this is likely impact on your oral health or dental treatment.
  3. Check your jaw joints for any signs of joint disease that may affect your ability to eat or chew.
  4. Carry out a oral cancer screening inside your mouth.
  5. Examine the position and bite of your teeth and the bite to check for any irregularities that may require treatment.
  6. Check your gums for any signs of periodontal (gum) disease.
  7. Check for any areas where you may be missing when you are cleaning your teeth so that we can help you to maintain your teeth better.
  8. Check your teeth for signs of tooth decay.
  9. Check your teeth for signs of wear, erosion or cracks.
  10. Check your fillings, crowns or bridges for signs of leakage, cracks, tooth decay.

In addition we may take X-rays in order to check

  • The presence of tooth decay in areas which cannot be examined by visual inspection.
  • The roots of teeth we suspect may have problems.
  • The levels of bone supporting the teeth.
  • For the position of erupting teeth, including wisdom teeth.
  • For any other condition for which X-rays would benefit you.

X-rays are taken in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners.

After the examination, we will advise you of

  • Any conditions we find that will require treatment or will benefit you.
  • The treatment options that are available.
  • The estimated costs of the treatment in writing.
  • Actions you will need to take to look after your teeth – this may involve changing aspects of your tooth cleaning and diet.
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